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Program Quality Tools  PVUSD Early Care & Education Programs

  • Desired Results Develomental Profile The DRPD is an observation assessment system used to track children's development across all areas of growth and learning. Twice a year teachers review children's developmental progress, create individual and classroom goals and inform parents on their child's progress.
  • Center for Social Emotional Early Learning. PVUSD preschool staff have all been trained on positive behavior support and social skill development in the teaching pyramid model. The CESEFEL program is a wealth of free strategies for families and educators to support young children in social emotional development and learning. Additional links and supports are available at this site for children with challenging behaviors including tips for school and home routines.
  • Indivual Growth and Development Indicators Preschool children in PVUSD centers are assessed three times per year in critical early literacy learning markers in order to provide specific intensive learning opportunities so as to ensure all children are on track for successful reading by 3rd grade.
  • Ages and Stages Developmental Screening ( ASQ) This developmental screener is completed by parents on what they know about thier child.  Staff then informs parents that thier child is on track developmentally or provides enrichment activities for families and staff to provide to support learning in needed areas.
  • SEEDS of Early Literacy  PVUSD preschools are faithful to the powerful strategies imbedded in a literacy rich schedule of the SEEDs program. Preschool teachers have studied and are proficient in these classroom practices that accelerate childrens early literacy learning.
  • Environmental Rating Scale Comprehensive tool that is used to assess quality of early care and education environment and learning conditions. Conducted annually on all PVUSD classrooms and homes.


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